About us


Every educational institute has an ideology that it adheres to. At Arihant Group of Institutions, innovation and quality are embedded in everything that we do. Without constant innovation, society will not progress and without persistent youth, the country will come to a grinding halt. I strongly believe, the interpretation of these values by the youth i.e. you, will determine the growth of India as a developing nation. Our institutions and programs are designed with the aim of spreading these values of innovation and quality. We facilitate a dynamic environment, which motivates you to be on the path of relentless, original and enterprising innovation.

At AGI, learning takes place both inside and beyond the classroom. From academic discoveries to allied development, our students are defining AGI’s success in many different ways. We encourage not only to apply yourself to your studies, but also to expand your horizon through outstanding opportunities available to you.

This document provides a brief snippet of our vision, which will provide you with the required information on how we plan to grow progressively with our peers in the education ecosystem. AGI welcomes you to the academic year 2020-21. We will do everything in our power to ensure that, your experience at AGI is challenging, rewarding and gratifying.

Sri. Ashok S Nagori

Chairman, Arihant Educational Trust

Warm greetings from Arihant Group of Institutions. AGI aims at exploring new areas, discovering new passion, learning new skills to view our environment with a new understanding. Through our JASR approach, we believe we can enhance our prospects collectively as an industry.

AGI vouches for leadership and excellence in every field it is involved in. it is an oasis of calm with its tranquil surroundings, providing an ideal environment for the best and brightest students to network with a highly qualified faculty who open new vistas of knowledge.

AGI provides many innovative programs which will add value to your generic curriculum. Similarly, we would be humbled to start a rewarding journey through our JASR approach and create a positive change in the education system and the nation.

Sri.Sudhir Jain

Secretary, Arihant Educational Trust

I am pleased to greet you on behalf of Arihant Group of Institutions, an institute with a promising future, a delightful place to learn, and to grow intellectually, and academically.

As W.B. Yeats’ says, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, we at AGI advocate such a model of education. Our group does not believe in filling heads with academic lessons but kindling the fire for learning in you. We encourage you to strike a healthy balance between your academic activities and social development through our JASR approach. AGI’s consolidated goal is to educate and help educate and we would greatly appreciate if your association with this program of ours will yield a positive contribution to the society.

Sri.Dilip Bohra

Trustee, Arihant Educational Trust

Quality education and student development are crucial factors for ensuring economic growth, cultural development, social cohesion, equity and justice. We at AGI put in our efforts to identify, support and promote knowledge and innovation among young learning minds.

AGI has a focused approach to prepare the young generation for the global market as well as developing a wholesome personality to be a fruitful citizen to the nation through a humane mindset. We would like to start that with our members from the academic family.

Mr. Yashveer Chopra

Trustee, Director Academic Planning and Administration
Arihant Group of Institutions